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  • Genesis of the club

    On account of friendship and their love for the motorcycles on the 30. july 2007. seven best friends founded MC "Ekvideti Bugs" to strenghten their friendship. The club was founded in Novi Sad (Serbia).

    Club name

    Ekvideti is a specific type of bug that only a few have had a chance to encounter. In fact, only one man has had that pleasure! Under an influence of variety of drinks and other chemical supstancies it is possible to enter their world. Ekvideti bugs are very wide-spread, and to those who manage to reach them, in a quite interesting way make a mess in their heads. They are small, porky and in those stages seem very dangerous!

    Club philosophy

    Club's tendency is to sustain original philosophy which is hanging out, bikes, rock 'n' roll, and the most important - mutual understanding and love for the club!

    Club motto

    And the bug wrapped the spider in his web...

    Club today

    Today club counts 6 'bugs'. Club membership is a free will of a 'bug' itself. Number of the 'bugs' has chenged during time but never in a significant count, people who just couldn't find the 'bug' in themselves left the club. Club never craved for quantity but for quality of friendship! We don't crave for the large organisations either. Once a year we organize club's birthday party and we call our friends for whom we consider to have deserved to share that joy with us. Party is quite intimate - around hundred people, food and drinks for free, rock 'n' roll and good time for all who fit in!

    Becoming a member

    The club doesn't have strict membership rules but there are certain rules that must be followed. In order to join the club, the future intern can't be a former member of some other moto club, has to have his own bike, and of course, to drive it. If those terms a fulfilled then the internship may begin. Internship lasts at least one year. Intern has to wear intern colors without flames on his back, and complete colors on his heart. During internship, and later if he becomes a full member, intern has to behave according to the rulebook. After one year a board decides of intern's acceptance to full members of the club, and if it is established that the intern has been behaving according to the rulebook and the club's philosophy he gets the complete colors on his back.

    Club colors

    Full members color
    Prospect colors
    Colors for friends
    of the club